President Trump visited areas in Florida hurt by Hurricane Irma today and spoke out on building a wall at our southern border. People on both sides of the aisle went nuts over news reports of no wall and a deal on DACA.
President Trump: “Ultimately, we have to have the wall. If we don’t have the wall, we’re doing nothing,”

He also chimed in on whether there was a deal on DACA amnesty as speculated by both sides of the aisle. Last night, there was some confusion on what had been agreed upon about the two issues after it was reported a deal had been made between President Trump and Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer “There was no deal. They didn’t say they had a deal.”

But then President Trump said this…Huh? A work program without citizenship? Is this kind of a purgatory for illegals?

But,but,but…then Nancy Pelosi chimes in with this: Is everyone totally confused yet?

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