The fake news from the media is hard to keep up with because it seems like every time you turn around President Trump is being lied about. Yes, it’s true that the media is just another arm of the Democrats. We see it day after day and we’ve watch this lie continue circulating since Saturday.  President Trump called the fake news the “enemy of the people”, he was so right. The fact that this blatant lie is still circulating in the media without a correction proves Trump’s point. People have already been convinced by the fake news that it is the truth. The media is counting people to buy the lie and then they move on without knowing the truth. That’s so wrong.

President Trump tweeted out today about this to set the record straight:

President Trump was supposed to deliver a speech at a cemetery during his visit to France. The weather was so bad that the helicopter couldn’t fly so President Trump suggested driving. The Secret Service told him no because it would have been too far and would have put Paris in a traffic gridlock.

All of the headlines and articles made it look like President Trump chose to not go. The decision to go was no just his but his team of Secret Service and logistics people. some of the titles from the susual suspects in the media slammed Trump:

NBC:White House decision to cancel veterans’ cemetery visit in France creates a storm of its own…The White House cited weather concerns for the cancellation but the decision isn’t sitting well with some European observers.

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ABC issued a correction after this article:

President Trump blames Secret Service for canceled visit to WWI cemetery in France after criticism

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In a story Nov. 10 about President Donald Trump canceling a planned visit to a cemetery for Americans killed in World War I, The Associated Press reported that the Secret Service determines when it’s safe to fly Marine One, the president’s helicopter. The story should have made clear that the Marine Corps and White House Military Office make the determination to ground the president’s helicopter due to bad weather. The military office then presents the recommendation to the White House in collaboration with the Secret Service.

The Hill:

Ex-Obama adviser swipes at Trump for canceling visit to American cemetery because of weather

CNN and the AP:

After President Trump tweeted out about what happened, the left responded with a big pile on of negative tweets that are still pushing the false narrative the media put out. Yes, the fake news media is the enemy of the people.


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