President Trump slammed the media during a White House press briefing for calling him a “racist” for banning travel from China:

“Had I let these tens of thousands of people come in from China a day we would have had something right now that you wouldn’t have even recognized compared to where we are.”

The MSNBC reporter at the coronavirus presser: You were not prepared in the beginning of the outbreak of the virus.

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Trump: In the beginning when I halted flights from China it was your network that called me racist for doing so.

He called them out like a boss

President Trump has been amazing at pushing back on the insanity from the reporters who desperately want to damage him in any way they can.

He refuses to back down on calling the Wuhan virus the “Chinese virus.” The virus originated in China so it’s understandable that it would be called the “Chinese or Wuhan virus.”

The media is so full of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can’t stop with the Trump-bashing. This is while the Chinese push propaganda to try and blame the US for the virus:

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