Another attack on a Trump supporter was recorded at a school, and now social media users are calling the school to demand that the attacker is punished.

A Trump supporting student at Edmond Santa Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma had his MAGA hat ripped off of him by another student. The teen in the yellow vest is much bigger than the other teen and aggressively tries to rip his Trump flag away. He then knocks the MAGA hat off of the head of the Trump supporter.

At one point, a fellow student helps stop the attack, but the Trump flag was still ripped by the attacking student and thrown to the ground.

Twitter user Ryan Fournier tweeted out a demand for the attacker to be dealt with:

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These malicious attacks must be dealt with. RT!

This is being reported as an incident between two minors during a ‘dress as you want’ day at school.

The information on how to report this was tweeted out:

CONTACT Edmond Santa Fe High School 1901 W. 15th Street Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 340-2230

Punishment for the attack should be severe. The message should be sent that attacks like these won’t be taken lightly.

Give them a call. Demand action. Karen Branson, Principal’s Secretary 405-726-7301 (7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

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