People are admitting to being afraid of wearing a Trump hat in public. I don’t happen to be one of them, but there are people who have told us they’re concerned about their safety if they dare to express their support for Donald Trump in public.
The guy who was beaten in this video attended a Black Lives Matter rally in CA. The video starts with protesters reacting angrily to his Trump hat. They demand he take it off screaming, “Take the f*#kin’ hat off!” He refuses. He gets sucker punched (naturally) in the back of the head (that’s how cowards do it). Next, a gang of rioters jump him and begin to beat him. Somehow, he manages to (for the most part) keep his camera rolling throughout the attack. 
Thanks to Obama, the Left has managed to make it acceptable for a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters to attack a white person, if they hold an opposing political or social view. It is NOT okay, and THIS behavior needs to be dealt with. The animal-like way these thugs attack him is disturbing. Equally disturbing is when one of the cops who ask the young man, who has just been brutally beaten and had his signed Trump hat stolen, “Why did you wear that hat?” Was this law enforcement officer not aware of this young man’s First Amendment right advertise the support of any political candidate he chooses?
Is anyone else starting to feel like we are losing our nation? Is it any wonder these cowards who attacked this man fear Trump? No one wants to have an adult in the room anymore. America has become a lawless, free-for-all under Obama’s leadership. Cops are afraid to uphold the law, lest they become the next target of these terrorists. And the Left is scared to death Trump is going to come in and restore law and order that has been largely ignored for the past 4 years.

***WARNING***This video is GRAPHIC!***

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