A former Bernie Sanders supporter took on the candidate for president in 2020 at a campaign stop in Iowa.

The man was given the mic to ask a question and instead offered praise for President Trump:

“Mr. Trump, keep going, man. You’re doing a good job. You know what, I’m a liberal. I don’t agree with anything you say. I used to. I voted for you in 2016,” he said. “And I’ve been to Vietnam and seen what socialism has done. It’s destroyed the lives of many.”

The crowd laughed b,ut the man continued:

“You can laugh all you want. Donald Trump is helping our country. All right? He’s a good man… Socialism does not work.”

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The shouting continued until the man was escorted out of the venue.

The heckler begins at 1:03:30

Americans are 100% FED Up!

Joe Biden also got a taste of  heckling when a man in San Antonio asked a question about Ukraine:

Joe Biden had decades to perfect his technique of avoiding questions, so when he appeared in San Antonio, Texas (video below), he did the Texas two-step when he was asked about Ukraine.

He tried to slip right past the question and then had the gall to try and connect Trump to the Texas massacre. If Biden is good at one thing, he’s good at the pivot. Any time he’s asked a direct question about Ukraine, he pivots back to President Trump. Pretty slick, right? Not so much. The problem is that the American people are discovering just how crooked Joe has been for years.

Biden tries to say that President Trump has been bad for America:

“America can overcome four years of Donald Trump’s chaos and corruption, but if re-elected, it will forever fundamentally change the character of who we are as a nation. We can’t let this happen. This election is about the soul of our nation, and Donald Trump has poisoned our soul.”

Biden then lied about what President Trump said about illegal aliens when he announced his 2016 candidacy for president.

A protester in the crowd asked: “What about corruption in Ukraine?” The crowd booed the man and chanted, “We want Joe!” The protester kept making great points about Biden. It was fantastic!

Finally, Biden pivoted to try and blame the Texas massacre in August on President Trump:

“Remember in ’18, Trump claimed there was an invasion of Latinos coming across the border? ‘They’re going to invade and pollute America…Well, guess what? The words presidents say matter. It didn’t take long after that, that a guy down in El Paso walked into a parking lot and gunned down a lot of innocent people and he says, ‘I’m doing it to prevent the invasion of Texas by Hispanics.’”

President Trump condemned the massacre as an “act of cowardice”:

“Today’s shooting in El Paso, Texas, was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice. I know that I stand with everyone in this Country to condemn today’s hateful act. There are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people.”

Be that protester! He’s fantastic!


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