Rules for thee, but not for me: Conservative meme maker faces up to 10 years in prison for spreading joke regarding 2016 election while anti-Americans who were part of the treasonous Anti-Trump Crossfire Hurricane spying and sabotage operation get no jail time.

Profile Picture for Twitter User Ricky Vaughn, Who Made Pro-Trump and Anti-Hillary Memes During the 2016 Election

False allegations made against President Donald Trump in 2016 lead to the corrupt media overshadowing coverage of his patriotic presidency with a 3+ year fraudulent investigation by Robert Mueller.  Mueller had a team of nearly 2 dozen highly paid lawyers, many of whom were actually tied to his opponent Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama and other anti-Trump causes.  Despite these investigations into Trump being proven to have been knowingly illegitimate from the start–and therefor treasonous, no one went to jail for any of it.  The media lied about Trump and his associations with Russia for 4 years–and continue to do so to this day and during the 2020 campaign.

In fact, the former FBI anti-Trump attorney who altered email evidence in order to obtain the illegitimate FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign in 2016 got only probation and community service.

But, the rules are quite different for conservatives and independent thinkers.

While destroying the reputation of one of the most beloved and voted-for president in history since Abraham Lincoln (and his 10s of millions of supporters) is not a serious enough form of treason to warrant anything more than probation, simply making subversive memes online can get you up to 10 years in prison…if you are conservative:

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Tha Gateway Pundit Reports:

“The feds are criminalizing political speech in order to lock up Trump supporters…

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“A pro-Trump meme maker and Twitter troll was indicted Wednesday by the feds for using the social media platform to ‘spread election disinformation’ to Hillary Clinton voters in 2016.

“Ricky Vaughn” AKA, Douglass Mackey, used Twitter to post memes and troll Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

31-year-old Mackey was arrested in West Palm Beach on one charge of conspiracy against rights and faces up to 10 years in prison.

According to the unsealed indictment, Mackey conspired with others on Twitter to encourage black people to cast their votes via text message.

The Eastern District of New York said in its indictment that one week before the 2016 election, Mackey tweeted an image of a black woman in front of an “African Americans for President Hillary” sign.

Emblazoned on the picture was the message: “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925. Vote for Hillary and be a part of history”

According to the complaint, more than 4,900 people ‘cast their vote via text message.’

Buzzfeed News said they sent a text message to the number and Hillary Clinton’s campaign actually responded and redirected people to the proper channels.

So how many people just sent a text message out of curiosity and didn’t actually fall for the meme?”

To Mackey and his friends, this is just a joke and free speech.  He did not threaten anyone or engage in hate speech or encourage violence.  He just trolled people for a reaction because it was funny.  That is not a crime…unless you are conservative

The Gateway Pundit goes on:

“The most chilling part of the indictment is the criminalization of normal political speech and banter:

“Starting in at least 2015, MACKEY participated in numerous Group DMs. These groups, which at times included dozens of individuals, and at times had overlapping membership, served as forums for the participants to share, among other things, their views concerning how best to influence the Election. Among other things, MACKEY and the members of these groups used the Group DMs to create, refine and share memes and hashtags that members of the groups would subsequently post and distribute.”

An example of the criminal behavior describes Mackey and his friends on Twitter joking around in private groups about trolling “shitlibs” with memes…”

So, to recap, you can literally call the President of the United States a Russian Traitor with no solid evidence whatsoever for four years with no meaningful consequences.  The media and Big Tech can censor speech of millions of conservative voice and create stories 24/7 about how they are terrorists and how President Trump is a Russian operative.

But, if conservatives make a joke at the expense of their political opponents who happen to be Democrats, they face 10 years in prison.




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