Monique Worthy is an outspoken Trump supporter. She’s also a former felon who became a Republican in jail after having voted for President Obama. She has a lot to say to the Black community and to Democrats who try to label President Trump as a racist, and she is spot on with everything she says.

Last week, Monique made a viral video defending President Trump against claims of “racism,” by his opponents.  In her video, Monique says that she’s never heard or seen President Trump being a racist.

“Tell me what he needs us for?” Monique asks in her video, in full make-up with a bath towel wrapped around her head.  “He don’t need me. But for some reason, he always get up on that stage, talkin’ bout how low Black unemployment is. He don’t need to do that. He just do it— because he legitimately cares.”

Monique points out how little America’s first Black President did for the Black community: “You never heard Obama get on stage, talking about Black unemployment—he couldn’t’ cuz under his first two years, with a Democratic Congress, it doubled.” Monique then hit her viewers with some staggering statistics, “Black unemployment under Barack Obama doubled. How many of y’all know that? It doubled. It literally doubled. It went from 8% to 16%.” She then asks a critical question, “How you get around that with no media saying nothing about that?”

“Like I said, he don’t need us. He does not need the Black vote. The Black vote didn’t put him in office, the Black vote ain’t gonna take him outa office,” Monique exclaimed.

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Every chance he gets he tells us how we’re [the Black community] doing, Monique reminded her viewers. “When he was running for President, he didn’t’ have to get out there talking about, ‘What do you have to lose, vote for me.’ but he did—and we grateful that he did.”

“It’s the smart folk out there, that happen to be darker skin, like me. You just gotta find ’em. See, a lot of ’em just scared to say something, because they’re scared somebody’s gonna say something back to them,” she said.

Monique ends her hilarious video by saying that her hair is “too damn big” to wear a MAGA hat. She says she’s got a MAGA sweater that she wore to work and nobody said anything to her. As Monique smirked, she reminded her fans that she’s a big “ole bitch,” so they “better not say nothing.” LOL!


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Monique is very open about being incarcerated, and she takes responsibility for her actions, saying, “I broke the law.” She reminds everyone that when she broke the law, (unlike illegal aliens who violate the law to enter our country illegally), that no one was marching for her because she was separated from her family.

She’s also quick to let everyone know that she became a Republican in jail.

You know what’s funny? I became a Republican in shhhhh (jail) ????????????????

Monique is very outspoken about Democrats filling our youths head with leftist propaganda and using fear to convince them they need to be a Democrat. “America is great. America compared to any other nation, has ALWAYS been great,” she tweets. At the end of her tweet, Monique claims the only thing our youth have to fear is “a Democrat!”

Constantly instilling fear into minority youths brains will eventually come back to haunt these democrats. America is great. America compared to any other nation has ALWAYS been great. America will forever be great. You are an American. You have nothing to fear but a DEMOCRAT!

Monique gives a real-life example of how she raises her kids as Trump supporters in this great image of her showing her kids watching a Trump rally with her in bed because they were “being too noisy in the living room,” and she “made they badasses come sit” with her.

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