Fox News host Griff Jenkins chose the wrong Trump supporter to push his narrative. Newsmax host Chris Salcedo shared the video clip of the Fox News host who was put in his place by an elderly Trump supporter during a live interview.

“My name is Gene Gilchrist, I’m from Charleston, South Carolina. I’m a member of Bikers for Trump,” the Trump rally attendee told the Fox News host.

A breathless Jenkins interrupted, “Gene, Gene—the situation has gotten violent now. It’s getting dangerous in the Capitol. They can’t get it under control!” asking the Bikers For Trump member, “Is that okay?”

Gilchrist, who was part of a massive crowd of peaceful Trump supporters, appeared to be offended by the accusation that Trump supporters were acting violently, and snapped back a the Fox News host, “No one here is being violent!” Gilchrist said.

A studdering Jenkins, who appeared to be taken off guard by the Trump supporter’s response, replied, “The…the…the…the…the Capitol was breached…and has become…”

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Gilchrist unloaded on the Fox News host, “Wait, wait, wait! You say the Capitol was breached. Whose house is that?” he asked. That is We the People’s house! That is the United States of America Capitol. My taxpayer dollars pay for it!”

Okay, thank you very much. Okay, Dana, we’re talking to the people out here, and obviously, they’re very, very upset.

Newsmax host Chris Salcedo slammed the Fox News host for cutting the Trump supporter off for not agreeing with him. Salcedo compared the network, comparing them to CNN and MSNBC.

Watch the incredible exchange here:

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