#StopTheSteal protests have been a regular occurrence across the state of Michigan, especially in front of the state’s Capitol building in Lansing.

This afternoon, hundreds of Michigan patriots gathered together to show their support for President Trump. For many of them,  their frustration is off the charts over an ongoing investigation by Trump attorneys and everyday citizens to expose massive voter fraud many believe took place in Michigan, particularly in Wayne County, MI.

The battle between honest Michiganders who went to bed believing Trump had won their state by a sizeable lead and those who don’t care about how they win, as long as they win, continues.

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You won’t find Trump supporters in Michigan throwing bricks through the windows of local Michigan businesses over the belief that their votes have been stolen. However, you will find them dancing to the MAGA song on the steps of the state Capitol.


It’s curious that the media has completely ignored the non-stop protests by Trump supporters against voter fraud in Michigan, it’s almost like they don’t want anyone to see how much support our president has in the states he allegedly “lost” after the election.

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