Terrance Williams is a conservative Trump supporter and comedian who makes hilarious videos on Twitter. Anyone who watches Williams’ videos can’t help but notice his contagious laugh. When Williams went to Apple’s App Store yesterday, he made a hilarious discovery.


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A couple of days ago, Williams’ video commentary on #FakeNewsCNN went viral after Sean Hannity retweeted it, saying he was “crying” after watching Williams’ video.

Williams made another hilarious video exposing fake black guy and one of the BLM leader’s after he blocked Williams on Twitter.


Here’s the video that got Williams blocked by fake black guy Sean King:

Williams hammered CNN after they blackmailed the Reddit user who created the hilarious wrestling meme with Donald Trump while replacing the face of the WWE Chairman with a CNN’s logo, that they would expose his identity to everyone unless he agreed to their terms.


Terrence Williams’ videos are not always funny. On the 4th of July when liberals were trashing America, Terrence took to Twitter to put them in their place:

Williams isn’t shy about speaking his mind. In this tweet, he calls out whiny Americans who say they hate the United States but have no problem with collecting benefits from America’s hardworking citizens…

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