Bevelyn Beatty and several other people were stabbed in the streets of DC last night by several BLM thugs. Beatty has been a vocal supporter of the president and has been on Facebook live with 100% FED Up! to explain her support for President Trump.

Beatty is a pro-police activist who was recently arrested for defacing a “Black Lives Matter” street mural in New York City.

The video below shows Beatty holding her back, saying she had been stabbed. She was stabbed three times while Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was slashed in his abdomen. Two more Trump supporters were slashed in the neck and ear.

Reports said that the group had been having drinks at a bar near the White House when they encountered a fight.

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“They stabbed me!”

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DC police are looking for three individuals. Two Black males dressed in black and a Black female.

Black Lives Matter was called an “idea” by Joe Biden. Biden’s “idea” caused chaos and violence last night:

Black Lives Matter came out, as predicted, demanding a Biden win or else they will “burn it down”…

DC was a violent and chaotic mess lass night with BLM and Antifa goons out stabbing people and burning American flags in the street. DC police vans had their tires slashed and officers were verbally assaulted by BLM haters.

Chaos in the streets:

“Burn down the American plantation”

A man was attacked and there were several people stabbed during the protest. The man in the video was led to safety:

“It’s a revolution!”

Burning the American flag:

Taunting the police: “All cops are bastards.”

Shining lights in houses in residential neighborhoods:

Jumping on cars:

The chaos was predicted. This plays right into the Democrat’s plan to take the win no matter what.

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