He’s like the Energizer Bunny—President Trump never stops! Tonight, after entertaining over 45,000 at a raucous Minneapolis rally last night, he headed back to the White House where he held his successful trade negotiations with China. Tonight, President Trump hosted another huge rally in Lake Charles, Louisianna, where he stumped for two Republican candidates who are running against the current Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards in an election tomorrow.

Trump was welcomed to the great state of Louisianna by the “World’s Largest Trump 2020 Sign”

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He was also welcomed by Thousands who lined up to see a historic Trump rally.

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The event was sold out, and the inside of the rally was packed with Trump supporters.


One of the best parts of Trump’s Louisianna rally came when he introduced the Little League championship team, the Eastbank All-Stars, at the rally.

President Donald Trump met with the players from the Eastbank All-Stars on Friday at the White House. When President Trump found out the team was from Louisianna, he told them he just happened to be traveling to Louisianna and asked the boys if they wanted a ride home in Air Force One? The boys took President Trump up on his offer.

Watch the video here:

Here’s another great shot of the team posing in front of Air Force One.

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