Black Americans traveled from all over the USA to show their support and appreciation for the President who, besides Abraham Lincoln has done more for Black Americans than any other President in history.

Florida-based “Blacks For Trump” were seen in a large group at the Atlanta Airport today, where the Trump hosted the launch og his “Black Voices For Trump” coalition.

A large crowd of black Trump supporters can be heard chanting, “Blacks For Trump…Blacks For Trump!’ President Trump addressed the crowd, asking them if they’d rather be referred to as “Blacks for Trump or African Americans for Trump?”

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The crowd responded, “Blacks for Trump!”

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President Trump promised the large crowd of black supporters that he isn’t finished fighting for them, telling them,  “The best is yet to come,” if they stick with him in 2020.

The Daily Mail reports – He slammed Democrats for letting down black communities, trapping black children in failing public schools.

‘The betrayal of the black community is unbelievable,’ Trump said. ‘You have the worst schools than anybody in the country by far.’

He went as far as to say that Democrat prioritized undocumented immigrants over black citizens, who have long been a dependable Democratic voting bloc.

‘Democrats care more about illegal aliens than African-American citizens, or our military, or citizens all over the place,’ Trump said.

The president’s opening act was his only black Cabinet member, HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

‘Today they say if you are a conservative you’re somehow an Uncle Tom, you’re a horrible person,’ Carson told the crowd. ‘What a bunch of crap,’ the mild-mannered ex-brain surgeon added.

‘I only care about what God thinks,’ Carson said.

‘You’re very, very, very special people,’ Trump told them.

‘What has happened in the last three years for the black community, the African-American community has been really incredible and it is my honor to have been there with you,’ the president said.

Also on Friday, Trump launched what he’s dubbing the #MAGAChallenge on Twitter, which is geared to black and young voters.

Heavy reports – The MAGA Challenge is a Twitter challenge among Trump supporters, in which they upload Trump-friendly raps to the internet. The challenge was founded by Bryson Gray in September. On November 8, Trump announced that he would be picking a winner of the MAGA Challenge and inviting them to the White House to perform their rap.

Trump tweeted seven weeks after the challenge began, “I will be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and inviting them to the @WhiteHouse to meet with me and perform. Good luck!”

Conservative Joe Pags Pagliarulo tweeted about how the left is scared to death to the Blacks For Trump trend “number one” on Twitter.

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