Several hours before President Trump’s Las Vegas rally on Friday began, thousands of Trump supporters lined up outside of the venue, hoping to get the chance to get inside.

Once inside, President Trump didn’t disappoint the tens of thousands who waited to see him.

Appearing on stage before thousands, President Trump mocked the disjointed Democrat Party and their caucus, telling them, “They have a big election tomorrow, we’ve already won the state. We’ve already won. I like ours better, we just take it, just take it. We won. I like it, that better.”

During his remarks to the crowd, Trump touched on health care, reminding everyone about the disastrous rollout of Obama’s failed attempt at socialized medicine. President Trump promised that his administration is going to make health care “a big part of this campaign,” adding, “We’re now offering plans that are up to 60% less expensive. We’re protecting people pre-existing conditions and we always will.”

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Trump asked, “Remember when they had—this was the greatest, a $5 billion dollar website, right? $5 billion! It was supposed to cost $5 million.” He mocked the embarrassing Obamacare website rollout, “I have a son at home, he’s 13, he’s a genius with computers. ‘Hi, Dad, what’s up Dad. Dad, get out of here.’ ‘Hey listen I’m the President of the United States, Barron.'”

Trump jokingly told the crowd, “The guys talking to me and he’s working on his computer. I could’ve given him their health care site, he would’ve done it for nothing, and it would’ve been better than they have.” The crowd began chanting “Barron, Barron, Barron!” as his proud, smiling dad responded, “Whoa! Barron—he’s gonna like that!”


It’s funny how quickly Americans have forgotten how $5 billion of our taxpayer dollars were wasted on the disastrous Obamacare website.

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