During his press conference today, President Trump fielded a slew of negative questions and commentary from a rabid pool of media hitmen and women.

The video clip below shows a reporter asking President Trump how he feels about Apple closing down their stores for two weeks, as a way to help prevent the spread of coronavirus? President Trump explained that he thinks it fine if businesses make decisions to temporarily shut down. Trump changed the subject, telling the media, “By the way, I had my temperature taken today.” NBC News White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell immediately interrupted to say, “So did we.” Trump acknowledged her statement, saying, “You did? Good.” In an effort to keep the press conference from turning into a panic situation, Trump quipped, “Let’s compare. You wanna compare?” O’Donnell was having none of it, as she was clearly there to attack President Trump and do her best to make him look incompetent.

President Trump explained to the press pool that he had a coronavirus test taken last night. “When will we know the result, Mr. President?” O’Donnell asked, interrupting him again. President Trump graciously responded to her, “I don’t know, whatever it takes, a day or two days, whatever it is. They send it to a lab.” O’Donnell again, aggressively interrupted without being called upon, saying,” Mr. President, respectfully, you’ve been sending mixed messages.” Immediately, O’Donnell accused him of shaking hands with people in front of the media, and then interrupted him to ask if his priorities have changed? “No,” President Trump responded to O’Donnell, “This has been urgent from me right from the beginning. You know that because I closed up our country to China.” O’Donnell dismissed Trump’s early intervention to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. and instead, interrupted him, asking, “But why are you shaking hands, sir?” President Trump attempted to explain how it’s hard to get out of the habit of shaking hands when you do it so much in the political arena. For what seemed like the umpteenth time, O’Donnell interrupted him as Trump tried to give a more in-depth explanation. “You’re giving mixed messages, sir,” O’Donnell exclaimed. “Just wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just take it easy. Relax?” Trump responded as the pitbull reporter smirked.


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Here are just a few examples of leftists in the media responded to Trump asking the serial interrupting NBC News reporter to “take it easy.”

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Politics USA “reporter” Sarah Reese Jones, who originally tweeted the video responded to Trump asking O’Donnell to “take it easy,” by accusing Trump of being a “racist,” over his comments to the white reporter.

“Southern Liberal” tweeted: Trump to Kelly O’Donnell: “Just take it nice and easy. Just relax.” Bet he’s said that to women before-when grabbing/assaulting them…

“April asks: Can we talk about how insulting, and condescending Trump treated WH correspondent Kelly O’Donnell? Nasty! What a pig.

How about we talk about the insulting and condescending way the so-called media treats the President of the United States?

How about we talk about the disrespect President Trump gets from our co-called media every time he stands behind a microphone and gives hour-long press conferences that were only supposed to last a few minutes?

Let’s talk about how the media has made every attempt to turn President Trump into an enemy of the people? Fortunately, for America, Trump has been able to stand up to them each and every time. There is literally no other human being in America who could withstand the beating the media bullies in America have subjected him to every time he appears in front of their cameras.

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