President Trump gave a barnburner speech today in front of a massive crowd of young, enthusiastic supporters during a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here is a portion of his powerful speech that brought the roaring crowd to its feet more than once:

They cheated in so many different ways.

You don’t have to get complex.

You don’t have to be a great scientist from MIT.

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They cheated in so many different ways.

People were caught on camera, illegally running ballots multiple times through voting counting machines.

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Remember, I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy, I’m the one trying to save American democracy—I’m trying to save it.

Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it—people that won an election illegally—people that should not have been elected.

They lost in a landslide.

Joe Biden and the radical Democrats are wrecking our nation

I don’t even believe it’s him. I honestly don’t believe it’s him.

I don’t think Joe knows where the hell he is.

I don’t think it’s him.

Crime is surging.

Inflation is soaring.

The border is gone.

We went from the strongest border ever to the weakest border ever.

The border is non-existent.

Illegal aliens are pouring in in record numbers.

Critical Race Theory is being forced into every facet of our society.

Free speech is being crushed.

Men are being allowed to compete in women’s sports.

How do you like that?


What do you think? Do you think President Trump is setting the stage for a run in 2024?

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