President Trump is unlike any other President the United States has had in its history. To be fair, nobody had this much publicity and success like Donald Trump has had in his life.

In a recent post, President Trump will be adopting an “Apprentice-style” approach when deciding on his Vice President running mate in the 2024 election.

This approach would be groundbreaking in the political world, but right on par with President Trump’s television background. This is not only in an effort to narrow down his VP shortlist, but even to add some suspense and a strategic play to captivate the Republican base.

The new approach would send contestants through a series of challenges and evaluations, all of which would be monitored by President Trump himself with an audience of supporters and political analysts.

Trending Politics expands on the developing story:

Julia Manchester, a National Politics reporter for The Hill, commented on the development to Fox News, noting that Trump’s penchant for drama and suspense aligns with his supporters’ expectations.

“This is no surprise,” Manchester explained. “We know that Donald Trump really likes the drama and he likes the suspense. He knows that his supporters like to watch that, so they’ll appreciate how this process is going to be drawn out.”

The Politico adds more:

The campaign has already hired an outside firm to vet candidates and prepare research documents. Former first lady Melania Trump, who influenced Trump’s decision to select Mike Pence in 2016, has been kept apprised. And Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. said he speaks with his father frequently about who is in contention.

While who is up or down seemingly changes by the minute, the list has included everyone from Tim Scott and Kristi Noem to Byron Donalds, Elise Stefanik, Tulsi Gabbard and J.D. Vance, whom Trump has called a “fighter.”

Trump, despite saying he doesn’t think the vice president matters all that much, regularly asks guests at his Mar-a-Lago club for their opinion on different options and, with a flair for suspense, teases his choices in private meetings and media interviews. The process is expected to take months.

“He’s going to draw this out ‘Apprentice’-style,” said one person close to the Trump campaign who was granted anonymity to speak freely.

The former president has said his top criterion is picking someone “who is going to be a good president … in case of emergency.” But Trump is also sensitive to electoral needs, and part of the consideration is having someone who can help expand his appeal in November.

President Trump has been on record stating the role of a Vice President is limited in importance.

Despite this stance, he emphasizes the candidate should be capable assuming the role as President in an emergency. Furthermore, the Vice President candidate also has the ability to boost his electoral appeal come November.

While the new “Apprentice Style” approach to picking a Vice President may seem unconventional, it could prove to be effective. Should this work, President Trump would go down in history for changing the political process as we know it.

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