CNN’s Farid Zakaria interviewed Bill Gates on Sunday about whether China is to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. There is no question that China is to blame for hiding the coronavirus and then allowing it to spread all over the world.

Bill Gates has a problem with admitting the obvious and defended China by saying they “did a lot of things right” with their coronavirus response. He dismissed President Trump’s criticism of China by saying it’s just a “distraction.” Huh?

Listen to Gates shill for China and then WH Trade Adviser Peter Navarro in the video below slamming China. It’s like night and day listening to the America First Navarro and then the globalist Gates.

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro responded to Gates’ comments without holding back during an interview with Fox & Friends:

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“The Chinese Communist Party basically inflicted this virus on the world, and we should never forget that here in America.”

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Navarro’s interview with Neil Cavuto is below along with a partial transcript. Navarro is brutally honest about China:

Do I trust the Chinese? No.

Let me give the; there’s something that China would call the four kills. I think it’s worth going over because the Chinese effectively declared war. They spawned that virus. The most likely explanation is it came out of a biological weapons lab, probably by accident, but who knows?

But more importantly, we know they knowingly hid that virus, Neil, for six weeks. That’s the second kill because, during that time, hundreds of thousands of Wuhanians and other Chinese flew to places like New York and Detroit and all around and Milan, all around the world, effectively seeding the planet with this Wuhan virus.

And it just, if they had simply been honest, honest with the world, they could have contained it within Wuhan. And we wouldn’t be having this conversation. That’s the second kill.

The third kill and China’s own customs data, Neil, show this — we saw while they were hiding the virus from the world, they went out and vacuumed up all the PPE around the world, two billion masks they bought alone. And they took it from countries in Europe, South America, the United States.

And so when the people, the nurses, the brave nurses and doctors on the frontlines in New York or Chicago or Detroit or New Orleans needed PPE, part of the reason they didn’t have it is because of that third kill. The Chinese had basically vacuumed that up.

And now, the fourth kill is that they’re hoarding that and using that PPE as a weapon in their soft power to project it and to profiteer. I mean, we’re seeing, Neil, these are 30, 40-cent masks, 50-cent masks at retail usually, and they’re selling them, they’re coming to the hospitals here for $7 and $8.

And, so how do we trust the Chinese?


Why is Bill Gates defending China? Their terrible behavior has caused death and sickness around the world.

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