Last night, President Trump took to Twitter to remind Americans of the arrogant remarks the liberal media, Hollywood elitists and Democrat leaders made about his efforts to become our next President. The video is hilarious, in that it takes us from the early days through to the night of the election in 2016 when it was clear Donald J. Trump had shocked the world, as he became our 45th elected President of the United States.

President Trump tweeted:

“They just didn’t get it, but they do now!”

Sadly, we have to warn you about some of the language used by the unhinged left, after realizing their worst nightmare just came true on election night 2016.

Watch the video here:

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Only days after the 2016 election, never-Trumper Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire posted a hilarious video of leftists who said Trump would never win the election.

In these post-election glory days which will be written about in the sacred scrolls as “Leftist Armageddon,” let us, as the prophet Andrew Klavan proclaims, drink their sweet sweet tears of impotent elitist rage while they kick and scream into their gluten-free pillows once again unwilling to accept reality when it’s forced upon them. #NotMyPresident #OhButHeIsThough

The internet has once again provided a hilarious mash-up of liberals confidently declaring Trump a no-go for president right up until that Super Bowl comeback moment called Election Night 2016.


And finally, here’s a great clip of Hillary confidently assuring Americans that Donald Trump would not be our next President. It’s what happens next, that’s absolutely glorious…


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