President Trump retweeted a photo of network analysts and the “family” members they’re connected with who happen to be Democrats. He was making the point that the media is corrupt because politics and news have become one big happy family to the detriment of anyone who wants the truth. Bias and slander rule when there is no objectivity.

President Trump tweeted with the photo below: This is why it’s not really the Lamestream Media, it’s the Rigged Media….and it is what I’m up against. It was corrupt in 2016. Now it is much more corrupt, and what you are seeing is the least of it….but WE WILL WIN AGAIN!

The Democrats in the photo all have a family member who works for fake news. What’s an even more disturbing trend is the former intel operatives who are now “analysts” on CNN and MSNBC. Andrew McCabe, John Brennan and James Clapper are all regularly on the news spouting their propaganda and lies.

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