Our mainstream media is laser-focused on destroying President Trump, leaving him with no alternative but to share the positive news about his wildly successful first term in office on Twitter. This morning, President Trump shared a video of the Fox News Next Revolution show host, Steve Hilton, who gave an amazing summary of President Trump’s successes after only being in office for 2 1/2 short years. Hilton also exposes the game Democrats have been playing while ignoring the best interests of the Americans who elected them.

This morning, President Trump retweeted the video and thanked Steve Hilton for doing what the mainsream media “will never do.”

Here are some of the fantastic Trump accomplishments as revealed by Steve Hilton:

Immigration: Not long ago, he published a plan to reform our legal immigration system. It would welcome just as many legal immigrants as now, except the system would be merit based.

He is pro-immigration, it just has to be merit-based and controlled properly.

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Unemployment: Hit a 50 year low, this year. The lowest ever African-American and Hispanic unemployment numbers.

Income growth: Income growth is exploding, especially in swing states, where forgotten Americans voted for him, and their trust in Trump paid off.

Economic growth is at 3.1% when experts said  Obama’s 2% was the “new normal.”

Tax cuts: Corporate tax cuts created more jobs and caused workers to be paid more.

Manufacturing: 264,000 new manufacturing jobs were created. Last year was the best year for manufacturing since 1997.

Tarrifs: Manufacturers are leaving other countries and moving back to the U.S., and they’re bringing jobs back with them. They’re leaving communist China, who is now experiencing their worst economic growth in 27 years.

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Since Trump threatened Mexico with tarriffs, border arrests dropped 28% in June.

NAFTA 40-45% of auto parts must now be made by workers who make at least $16/hr. will be replaced by new policies to ensure American workers won’t be underbid by foreign workers.

ISIS: It’s entire empire has been destroyed.

Defense: Trump signed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, that boosted our military and including measures to stop China from stealing our technology

NATO: The Secretary General of NATO announced that by the end of next year, NATO allies will add $100 billion extra dollars to be used for defense. He credited President Trump for “having a clear impact.”

Judges: Supreme Court chips away at federal agency power.

Energy: The U.S. will be a net exporter by 2020, for the first time in almost 70 years.

Prescription Drug Prices: The first time prices have fallen in 47 years.

Criminal Justice Reform: The First Step Act was signed into law by President Trump, giving former prisoners a second chance.

First Amendment: President Trump signed an executive action to remove grants from colleges that won’t protect the First Amendment.


After revealing a stunning list of Trump accomplishments, Steve Hilton reminded everyone that President Trump was able to accomplish all of these goals, in spite of others telling him his goals were too lofty or unrealistic, because he’s an outsider.

Do you agree that the mainstream media will never give President Trump the credit he deserves for all of his amazing accomplishments? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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