Before his big rally in Henderson on Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a stop this morning at the International Church of Las Vegas for a smaller, more private meeting.

The Christian church on Westcliff Drive is also home to a school, and Trump used the opportunity to talk about his support for private and charter schools and giving parents school choice.

“We believe that every parent should be able to choose what school they send their child to, so the fact that he endorses that, for us, is huge, ” explains senior pastor Paul Marc Goulet.

Goulet’s associate pastor, Pasqual Urrabazo, was able to set up the visit from Trump when Trump’s campaign called him looking to reach out to Hispanic leaders in the faith community.

Trump told ICLV he wanted to visit the church, and after giving them a few days notice. “When he walked in, he shook my hand and said ‘I told you I was coming,” Urrabazo says.

Urrabazo says while he was concerned about Trump’s past comments towards the Hispanic community, but he was impressed with what Trump had to say.

Trump also got to tour the school and meet with some of the students.  –KTNV

After his visit, the media asked a 6 year old student how she felt about Trump’s visit to her school.  Here’s what she had to say:

“My heart was squished together, smashed. One of the ladies who wants to be president is actually bad. She steals.”


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