Donald Trump can be a stickler for things that seem to be weighted to benefit “the other guy” so to speak, and his stand on an upcoming debate between him an Hillary is no different.

He recently told CNBC over a phone interview, “I think we should have a debate with no moderator, just Hillary and I sitting there talking.”

Trump came up with this idea a week after a candidate forum last week in New York City with Matt Lauer left many Clinton supporters angry with host network NBC. Lauer thoroughly grilled Hillary about her e-mail scandal and he was roasted by Democrats nationwide for it, even though it is an important point to the Presidency. If one can not run her emails correctly then how can one run this country?

But in the true fashion of Trump it appears that he would like a fair and level playing field for BOTH parties at the first debate on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, LI. The debate will be moderated by Lauer’s NBC colleague Lester Holt, and Trump would rather simply sit with Hillary and debate amongst only each other.

No loaded questions, no moderator attacks, no chance of anyone planting any type of false or inflammatory rhetoric to sway the people with falsehoods or one-sided political points. Instead Trump wants to simply let the people listen to two adults discussing the real issues and then choose for themselves who they would prefer based on that alone. Sounds like the perfect debate setting to me.

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Trump said, “The fact is, they are gaming the system, and I think maybe we should have no moderator. Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate. I think the system is being rigged, so it’s going to be a very unfair debate.

He is probably correct. Call us all a basket of deplorable conspiracy nuts but we have been proven right time and time again throughout this campaign and it will not be surprising for it to happen again.

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On another note , Trump recently made a surprise and low-key appearance at a nonprofit event in New York City. He stopped in very briefly at the BGC Partners Charity Day on Monday. He was invited by Danny Lavecchia, a member of Trump’s golf course in New Jersey and a managing partner of the brokerage, which used to be part of Cantor Fitzgerald. “He purely came here to raise money for charity, as a friend of mine,” Lavecchia, a Clinton donor, said.


Lavecchia said he fully intends to vote for Trump, and will now be asking for Clinton to return his $2,700 donation.

H/T [ NY Post ]


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