Remember in 2018 during the California wildfires when the left laughed at President Trump for saying the state should rake the woodland floors to rid the forest floor of flammable brush?

It turns out that President Trump is right again as California is spending $500 million to do exactly what Trump said. He was right to blame California’s wildfires on the state’s failure to clear its forests and ended up withholding government aid to California until they began the plan.

The state of California is having groups of crews comb the millions of acres of forests, including cutting down trees that need to be removed.

Flashing forward from 2018, the 2020 California wildfires were also very deadly. Thirty-one people died, and another thirty-seven were injured.

President Trump was right again and is right on so many things, but the left would rather try and destroy him than do what’s right. Example after example of important and even not-so-important things have turned out to be correct for Trump after he was laughed at by Democrats. Just think of the lives that could have been saved during the 2020 wildfire if Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom had done what President Trump said.

According to Bloomberg, Newsom is already asking the state’s legislature to give him $2 billion more to accelerate the forest thinning process in the next fiscal year:

‘Wildfires don’t stop at jurisdictional boundaries. As we respond to wildfires in real-time this summer, improving coordination between the major stewards of California’s forested land will help us protect communities and restore forest health across California.’

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