Of course he’s a “racist” for defending legal American citizens…

Unlike Obama, Trump’s not looking to make friends with illegal aliens. Legal American citizens will reward his dedication to defending our borders with their votes…


Donald Trump, business mogul and current Republican front-runner, has reiterated his stand on the issue of illegal immigration, saying that he would deport up to 11 million illegals and then build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump has taken plenty of heat from Democrats and his Republican challengers, some of whom tried to get him to back down from his non-politically correct views. The Donald will have none of it.

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In nearly every recent public appearance, and in the second Republican debates on Sept. 16, Trump noted that the number of illegals is likely much higher than 11 million, and that he would deport the lot of them forthwith.

Specifically, Mr. Trump said he could facilitate the mass deportation and rid the U.S. of nearly all illegal immigrants within two years, and possibly as fast as 18 months. Saying “We have to get them out,” and “We are a nation of laws,” Trump employed his typically colorful language when he concluded that he would deport the illegals so quickly, “Your head will spin.”

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Trump’s 2-year plan would deport, on average, 15,068.4 illegal immigrants per day in order to reach the 11 million mark successfully.

Until now, one of the starting points in most debates about illegal immigration, especially among moderate Republicans and Democrats, has been the notion that there are so many undocumented immigrants in the U.S., it would be impossible to deport them all.

Trump proposes a fast deportation plan followed by the building of a massive border wall to keep future illegal crossers from coming over. Further, the candidate’s proposal includes a provision whereby those who are deported can apply to re-enter the U.S., but they must follow the formal, legal procedures already in place.

The formal entry process is lengthy, involves a significant amount of paperwork, and is intended to keep criminals and unsavory characters (like potential terrorists) out of the country. In fact, most developed nations have more stringent immigration policies than the U.S. does.
Mexico, for example, is quite strict about its own southern border, where many Central American immigrants attempt to sneak into the country without proper documentation. Typically those illegal entrants are caught, jailed, and then quickly deported.

Trump’s views are not lost on African Americans, many of whom responded to a recent SurveyUSA poll about their preferences in the upcoming general election. One-fourth of the respondents said they would choose Trump over Hillary Clinton if that were the matchup in November 2016. In most national elections, blacks vote for the Democrat candidate about nine-to-one over the Republican. Many blacks see illegal immigration as one of the reasons for the exceedingly high unemployment rate in their communities. Via: US World Report

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