Trump is winning support from latinos and from Union Members – two groups that typically vote Democrat. What is it about this candidate? We’d love to know your thoughts. This has been an interesting election year so far and will only get crazier. It’s a turning point…

Trump has support from 38 percent of Latino voters followed by Ted Cruz with 15 percent and Jeb Bush with 14 percent.
The New York Post reported:

Thirty eight percent favor Trump, followed by Cuban American Ted Cruz (15 percent), Jeb Bush (14 percent) and Cuban American Marco Rubio (8 percent), according to the national poll conducted by the Beck Research for the American Federation for Children.

“If you’re trying to stop Trump – this poll should trouble you,” said pollster Deborah Beck.

From Day 1 of his presidential campaign, Trump got into hot water with Hispanic organizations for asserting many Mexican immigrants are rapists, criminals and drug dealers. His campaign has since gained steam for his tough talk on building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it and implementing a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the United States.

“This poll finds that he’s building a committed base of voters. Trump is proving to be Teflon, and despite his statements about Hispanic voters, 38 percent of Hispanic Republicans back him,” said Beck, president of Beck Research LLC.

The other group that’s an unlikely supporter is the Union vote:

In September, union leaders rocked the political world by suggesting Hillary would not just automatically get their nod; that Republican candidate Donald Trump could be in play for their consideration, in part due to Hillary’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, while Mr. Trump supports it.

Mr. Trump has a history of dealing with Unions on his real estate projects around the country.

The source of the attraction to Mr. Trump, say union members and leaders, is manifold: the candidate’s unapologetically populist positions on certain economic issues, particularly trade; a frustration with the impotence of conventional politicians; and above all, a sense that he rejects the norms of Washington discourse.

“They feel he’s the one guy who’s saying what’s on people’s minds.”

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