“Trump won — Save America.”

‘TRUMP WON Banner Man’ strikes again! This guy is an American hero! He travels around to different ballparks and unfurling a huge “TRUMP WON” banner for everyone to see. He hit the Mets and Yankees (see below) and now Fenway Park…

During the 4th inning at Fenway Park during a Boston Red Sox game against the Miami Marlins, the banner man struck. The fans, players, and park staff cheered the move!

The fan was escorted out of the Fenway by park security for violating their policy against hanging or affixing signs at the ballpark.

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Similar banners have been unfurled during Mets and Yankees games as reported here in recent weeks:

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The “TRUMP WON Banner Man” strikes again! He was first seen at the Yankees game, and now he hit the Mets game at Citi Field. This guy is a hero!

Watch the video below where Banner Man and a friend unfurl the huge banner at the game and then suffer the consequences of being kicked out. He says he doesn’t care about baseball, so he doesn’t care if he’s kicked out of the game…LOL!

The behind-the-scenes look at what happened is in the first video and then how it looked from the baseball field is in the Twitter video below that:

Watch the guy in the orange shirt – this is the difference between the left and the right. Peaceful protest from the right vs. violence from the left.

How it looked from the field:


No matter how hard the Democrats try, they will not be able to silence the majority of Americans who voted to give President Trump a second term in November.

A massive “Trump Won” banner was unfurled from an upper deck for the entire ballpark to see in Yankee Stadium.


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