The Proud Boys were denied entry at a Trump rally yesterday after security guards told them that they could not wear shirts with ‘Proud Boy or QAnon’ logos on them.

The Proud Boys have attempted to hitch themselves to President Trump’s wagon and the MAGA movement since Trump’s election in 2016.  The group frequently engages in political violence where it confronts radical left-wing protesters like Antifa.

President Trump was asked if he condones the Proud Boys’ aggressive tactics at the 2020 Presidential debate by liberal moderator Chris Wallace and he told them to “stand back and stand by.”  Trump’s response was clearly an attempt to dissuade the Proud Boys from engaging in further violence, but the dishonest media took it out of context to make it seem like Trump supported them.

After being used as a cudgel to beat Trump over the head, his campaign team wisely distanced themselves from the Proud Boys for the 2024 Presidential election.  A viral video surfaced on Twitter yesterday of an angry Proud Boy attempting to get in to a Trump rally with the organization’s attire.  WATCH:

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Liberals attempted to tie the Proud Boys to President Trump because of their presence at the capitol riot on January 6th, but it was revealed that the leader of the Proud Boys who was at the Capitol two days before the unrest was an FBI informant.

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As the midterms and 2024 elections draw closer, Democrats will undoubtedly try to tie America First, patriotic candidates to extremist people organizations.  The RINO Lincoln Project famously staged a fake rally with white supremacists in support of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.  We must remain vigilant of these attempts to slander President Trump and his supporters.


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