The latest move by the Trump administration is long overdue and supports the policy of the administration to put America first. Americans have been flabbergasted to learn during the coronavirus crisis that most of the medical supplies in the US are made in China. It’s hard to believe but 90% of our antibiotics are made in China.

It’s time to bring the manufacturing of those supplies back to the US, and this administration is moving fast to make it happen.

During a meeting with senators yesterday, President Donald Trump and his team discussed moving production of medical supplies back to the US.

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been a big proponent of moving away from production in China and tweeted out his request to President Trump:

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“At yesterday’s lunch, I asked @POTUS to support our efforts to invest in diversifying our supply chain, especially in pharmaceuticals & medical equipment. He agreed & his team led by Peter Navarro are also working on an EO to help address this.”

White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro confirmed today that the Trump administration is working on a very important executive order called the “Buy American” order aimed at stopping the government’s reliance on foreign-made medical supplies.

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Navarro had this to say about how China is dominating the supply chain:

“China has managed to dominate all aspects of the supply chain using the same unfair trade practices that it has used to dominate other sectors…cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, and massive government subsidies. As President Trump has said, what we need to do is bring those jobs home so that we can protect the public health and the economic and national security of the country.”

This is fantastic news and can’t happen fast enough. Would you be willing to pay a little more for a product if it meant producing it in the US?



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