The double standard in our judicial system today, as it relates to the protection of religious rights for Christians in America is stunning. Activist judges have been legislating from the bench for far too long when it comes to the protection of religious rights. Will President Trump’s DOJ put an end to the persecution of Christians with this very important upcoming case?  

In a major upcoming Supreme Court case that weighs equal rights with religious liberty, the Trump administration on Thursday sided with a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The Department of Justice on Thursday filed a brief on behalf of baker Jack Phillips, who was found to have violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by refusing to created a cake to celebrate the marriage of Charlie Craig and David Mullins in 2012. Phillips said he doesn’t create wedding cakes for same-sex couples because it would violate his religious beliefs.

The government agreed with Phillips that his cakes are a form of expression, and he cannot be compelled to use his talents for something in which he does not believe.

“Forcing Phillips to create expression for and participate in a ceremony that violates his sincerely held religious beliefs invades his First Amendment rights,” Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall wrote in the brief. –WaPo

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Comedian Steven Crowder made a powerful (and hilarious) video that was seen by over 5 MILLION viewers, exposing how the left twists the narrative to promote their radical ideology. Crowder went undercover to several Muslim bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan to see how many of them would be willing to bake a cake for a gay couple. Keep in mind, the left is the champion of Muslim communities in America when it comes to protecting their rights.


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In 2015, Star Transport lost a high profile case after two Muslim Somali immigrant drivers who worked for them were fired for refusing to deliver alcohol, as part of their job. Star Transport was forced to pay $240,000 to the two Muslim men after the jury found them guilty of violating the Muslim men’s faith.  The
Federal Judge in the case EEOC alleged that in 2009, Star Transport fired Mohamed and Bulshale after they were required to transport alcohol. Both men told Star Transport that they believed doing so would violate their religious beliefs under Islamic law.

Does anyone see a pattern of protection for certain religious beliefs, but not for others?

In another very high profile case, the very successful Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery was forced to shut down, after a leftist judge ruled against the owners, owners Melissa and Aaron Klein, for not agreeing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.

Watch, as they discuss the shut down of their bakery in this interview:

And who could forget this heartbreaking story of Arlene, an adorable little owner of Arlene’s Florist, who refused to supply a regular customer flowers for his gay wedding:


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