President Trump’s great mental health report just exposed the hateful liars in the main stream media. They just can’t give up the “Trump is nuts” false narrative. Well, with the president’s mental health score coming back as perfect, the media is clamoring for something, anything to make Trump look bad in the eyes of the American people. The truth is that the doctor who examined President Trump gave him rave reviews for both physical and mental health…BUT the press doesn’t deal in the truth these days. No sooner had the doctor given his report to the press than the press started to spin it:

The new card the left is tossing out is that Trump has heart disease…

Note that the doctor said they were going to do some things to tweek the president’s meds to lower his cholesterol. Gupta was in full political hack mode though and missed that because this morning on CNN he was all worked up (see video below)

This morning, we woke up to CNN and MSNBC making claims that are real head scratchers. Sanjay Gupta claimed that in his mind that Trump was heading towards a heart attack because of his calcium scoring. It gets better…They made the claim that the doctor examining Trump lied.

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How can the press be taken seriously when they behave this way? We think the press is going crazy and NOT President Trump. They couldn’t be more unhinged and hateful!

John Note of Breitbart News published a sampling of the outrageous articles making claims about Trump’s mental health:

New York Times: ‘Is Mr. Trump Nuts?’

USA Today: “Battles over Trump’s mental health and ‘fitness’ for office sidetrack his policy agenda”

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Washington Post: “Wolff’s book has thrust the topic [of Trump’s mental stability] to the forefront of public debate[.]”

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “[T]he president’s mental fitness has come under discussion quite a bit the last two weeks.  Do you think a president’s mental health should be tested?”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “[A] president … with a staff that questioned his ‘fitness for office’ and his mental stability.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “I’ve written twice in my column a quote about one of the people closest to Donald Trump during the campaign saying he’s got early stage of dementia.”

NYT/CNN’s Maggie Haberman: “Unmoored.”

CBS News: “Author Michael Wolff, whose bestselling book portrays Mr. Trump as lacking the mental capacity for the presidency, maintains that even among those in the White House, there are questions.”




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