Today, President Trump’s social media app Truth Social was released after months of hype surrounding the free speech alternative to social media platforms like Twitter.  The app’s launch has been wildly successful, with it hitting #1 in the Apple Store and hundreds of thousands of accounts already created.

When the app was announced months ago, the liberal media already started attacking it.  One journalist at “The Independent” went so far as to call the free speech app a ‘threat to democracy’.  With the app’s highly successful rollout, liberals have already aired their grievances on social media and in the press.

One hysterical Twitter user with over 300,000 followers responded to the release of Truth Social by calling President trump an ‘orange rapist traitor’ and called the app a ‘propaganda dark money scheme’.


Another user suggested doing a negative review ‘bomb’ of the app by downloading it, leaving negative reviews about it being ‘buggy’, and then deleting it.


Another verified Twitter user who claims to be an “online terrorism” expert compared the rollout of Truth Social to Nazi propaganda.  “Terrifying that Trump’s platform “Truth Social” has launched. That the masses are falling for it. Remember what we know from 1930/40’s Europe: that of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive. Now it’s America.”


While liberals are clearly not happy about Truth Social’s launch, the app has generated significant enthusiasm.  So many users are signing up that there is now a ‘wait list’ to get people on the platform.  Recent numbers put the waitlist at over 160,000 people.

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