Tucker Carlson spoke out on the change in America in just seven months. It’s probably not what you think. It’s the most important topic for all freedom-loving Americans.

Carlson points out that America was free, but China is authoritarian. He plays a clip discussing how there’s no chance in the world Americans would let the government control them like the Chinese citizens. Not so fast.

Carlson goes on to mention de Blasio’s latest move and how it’s very similar to China’s authoritarian government.

Have you noticed how leftist leaders are moving forward with rules for citizens similar to China?

One problem in America is that “The public gets to decide what the public wants” but is that happening during the coronavirus pandemic?

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Carlson mentions the Los Angeles Mayor’s authoritarian mandates.

He discusses religious freedom and NJ Governor Murphy’s effort to stifle religious freedom.

Are we turning into China?

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