Tucker Carlson had the Head of the White House Press Association on tonight….It was a slugfest!

This was a tense exchange because it was a personal gripe from Carlson who was speaking about the business of journalism….Jeff Mason was a deer in the headlights:



Tucker hit him hard when he said he’d “never seen a lamer speaker” at the event…Ouch!

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He went on to say, “The whole evening was arranged around a guy who wasn’t there”…President Trump

The best part of the interview was when he confirmed with a question that there a no Republicans in the WH press corp…”How many registered Republicans in the White House press corp? Zero!”

“Let’s just drop the pretense…the press in Washington hates Donald Trump”…

You’ve gotta love Tucker’s hard hitting interview style with people like this. He hammered home the truth and made the guy come clean about the bias in the Washington Press.

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