Tucker Carlson exposes the hypocrisy of the left’s ruling elites as they live lives unencumbered by the rules that they set down for the nation’s little people.

Mr. Carlson begins by talking about another time in American history where Americans were forced to wear masks.

That time was just over a hundred years ago, during the 1918 Spanish Flu. He says people were eager to comply with mask mandates because they were afraid of the virus, wanted to do their part to stop it, “but most of all,” Tucker says, “they trusted their leaders.”

According to Tucker, that trust ended after a photographer snapped a picture during a crowded boxing event, which showed high-ranking San Francisco officials sitting maskless at the match. Carlson says the picture went national and Americans were shocked to learn that “People enforcing the rules had no intention of following the rules.” Shortly after, he says, “mask mandates across the country ended.”

“The public was willing to endure inconvenience, but not hypocrisy.”

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California Democrats held a fundraiser over the weekend, where mostly white (if not entirely white) guests sat maskless at the 30K per ticket, Napa Valley event. And Nancy Pelosi, who as House Speaker has strictly enforced mask-wearing among house members in D.C. and who claims failure to wear one is “a breach of decorum”, was there, maskless, of course.

“The only people there who’re wearing masks are their servants, the faceless brown serfs scurrying back and forth to bring them things…There’s nothing worse than having the help breathe on you.”

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Proving that Democrats don’t even believe in their own rhetoric, and most certainly don’t abide by the rules they set for everyone else, Tucker points out that Pelosi is 81-years-old, and “that’s deep in the risk range for Corona Virus.” He also mentions that the fundraiser was held in Napa Valley, which according to the Biden administration is “one of the riskiest places in America for Corona Virus transmission.”

“Pelosi is not social distancing, is not wearing a face shield, she doesn’t even have a mask on,” Tucker says. And the reason is that Nancy “understands she’s not in danger and since there are no Republicans present, she has no reason to pretend otherwise.”


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