Last night on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, Tucker debated a loony leftist English professor at Colby college wrote a piece in the New Republic where he essentially argued that it’s okay for colleges to shut down free speech on their campuses based on “value judgments” the colleges make about the speakers. 

From Hanlon’s piece in the New Republic:

Rejecting campus speakers is not an assault on free speech. Rather, like so many other decisions made every day by college students, teachers, and administrators, it’s a value judgment.

Aaron Hanlon of Colby College in Maine said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Ann Coulter does not meet the “standards for speakers” that should be invited to campus.

Hanlon said he was personally “very speech-permissive” but that colleges should be able to make judgments based on a speaker’s value– but not their ideology– before allowing them to speak.

Carlson asked Hanlon to name one speaker who was disallowed on campus due to a liberal viewpoint under that rule. – FOX

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During the exchange between Tucker Carlson and leftist professor, Tucker attempts to wrap his mind around what he’s actually hearing Hanlon is saying. At one point, Carlson is so stunned by the professor’s attempts to justify the shutting down of free speech on college campuses simply because you don’t agree with them, that he actually breaks out into laughter. Tucker is visibly stunned by the responses to his questions about the removal of free speech from campuses, as this Colby English professor unashamedly argues that fascism should be acceptable on college campuses. Carlson asks Hanlon, “Can you hear yourself? You’re a college professor and you’re against intellectual debate that’s deliberately provocative.”

Watch the insane exchange here:

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