Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he tried to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the United States government stopped him.

Carlson reportedly said in an interview with Swiss publication Die Weltwoche that “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the U.S. government stopped me.”

RT reports:

He also explained that he felt let down by the lack of support for his situation that he says he received from US news media.

He said: “I don’t think there was anybody who said ‘wait a second. I may not like this guy but he has a right to interview anyone he wants, and we have a right to hear what Putin says’.” The 54-year-old added: “You’re not allowed to hear Putin’s voice. Because why? There was no vote on it. No one asked me.”

The often-controversial media personality didn’t elaborate on the circumstances under which he says there was government intrusion into his plans to interview Putin but it appeared to suggest that it was the current Biden administration which was behind the meddling. Carlson also didn’t mention when the interview with the Russian leader was supposed to take place.

“I’m an American citizen,” Carlson told Die Weltwoche. “I’m a much more loyal American than, say, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, who didn’t even grow up in this country; she grew up in Canada. And they’re telling me what it is to be a loyal American?”

Carlson revealed previously on the “Full Send Podcast” that the NSA broke into his Signal and discovered he had plans to interview Putin.


Newsweek added:

Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan said in August that Carlson requested to interview Putin, but his recent comments mark the first time he has publicly acknowledged making such a request. When Newsweek previously reached out to him for confirmation, he did not respond.

The editor-in-chief of the Russian state media organization RT described Carlson as “doing a great job,” adding at the time: “It would be great if someone hears this and gets [his] message to the president.”

Since leaving Fox News to set up his own show on X, formerly Twitter, Carlson has been described as playing the role of the “useful idiot” for Kremlin propagandists by experts, regularly being cited on Russian state media when his espoused views appear to align with theirs.

In late August, Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov told his Russia-1 audience that Carlson was a “dead man walking” for saying that the U.S. and Russia would go to war in the next year—a war Carlson predicted America would lose.

Dmitry Kiselyov, an appointee of Putin who in 2014 said Russia could turn the U.S. “into radioactive dust,” repeated Carlson’s comments again, visibly taking glee in the former Fox anchor’s claims that Ukraine “would crumble” without NATO support.

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