Tucker Carlson started out his show by showing a video of leftist Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi being verbally attacked by illegal aliens for allegedly negotiating with President Trump on the issue of the unconstitutional DACA program for “dreamers” that Barack Obama put in place.

Here’s a short clip of the illegal aliens attacking Nancy:

After Tucker showed Nancy being shouted down by illegal aliens, he turned to his guest Ivan Ceja, who also happens to be an illegal alien that refers to himself as a “DACA recipient”. Tucker told Ivan Ceja, an ILLEGAL ALIEN who is the founder of Undocumedia that he finds it “striking” how ungrateful illegal aliens are about how good they have it in America. Ceja went on to threaten to hold US representatives accountable for not representing them.

Things got ugly immediately after Tucker explained to Ceja that he has no right to demand anything from US lawmakers as a non-American citizen.

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Watch the heated exchange here: 


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