Tucker Carlson is spot on in his assessment of what’s REALLY going on with impeachment and Dem leader Nancy Pelosi.

Carlson explains what’s going on with his usual humor and honesty. He says Trump is a “slightly more orange version of King George III…Democrats are the patriots plotting to overthrow him with violence.”

Carlson mocks Pelosi’s use of the founders to make impeachment ok…

“So James Madison has given Nancy Pelosi his seal of approval.”

Using the founders as a weapon to destroy President Trump is an irony not lost on Carlson since the left continues to try and erase the history of America and its founders.

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Carlson calls out Pelosi and her phony religiosity. Does anyone believe Nancy is “prayerful”?

Pelosi said she prays for President Trump…for some reason, it’s really very hard to believe.

Mark Steyn’s commentary on the prayerful Pelosi is epic and so true!


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