New York’s first undocumented attorney made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, where he was promptly schooled by the host on the U.S. Census questions.

Cesar Vargas made the case that the Constitution doesn’t clearly state that the census should count only citizens, therefore, it shouldn’t contain such questions.

That’s when Tucker took the floor.

According to The Daily Caller:

Cesar Vargas, the first undocumented attorney in New York, argued that because the Constitution does not specify that the census should count citizens, such questions should not be included. However, Carlson seemed to stump Vargas when he asked if the same argument could apply to census questions about gender or race.

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“Since I know you’re so familiar with it, [the Constitution] doesn’t say anything about counting people by race,” The Daily Caller co-founder argued. “The census does that, are you opposed to that? Should we not ask what people’s race is?”

Vargas refused to answer the question several times, prompting Carlson to interrupt him and ask again.

“The census asks what your race is,” he repeated. “I think it’s creepy as hell, to be honest…but the census asks it. And the left demands it ask it. Do you think the census should be allowed to ask about race?”

“Well, I think we should have a simple count, that’s it. And, maybe no, we shouldn’t have about immigration status, we shouldn’t have about race,” Vargas admitted.

Carlson extended the argument to census questions about sex, arguing, “only [a question about citizenship] bothers you — not because of the constitutionality of it, but because you think it might dilute the political power of illegal aliens.”

“Let’s stop pretending it’s about the Constitution,” the host asserted.

We as a nation have every right to know how many people have entered our country illegally, as this information is used to help shape the future of our immigration policy. If there are tons of people sneaking across the border, we need to know how they are doing it so we can fix the problem.

Not to mention we need to know is here and why as a means of keeping citizens safe.

The bottom line is, it’s not only a crime to come here illegally, but it’s like spitting in the faces of all the people who have come here through legal channels, working their fingers to the bone to reach personal success and to care for their families.

Each person who crossed illegally needs to be sent back home. That task is nigh to impossible without having an adequate count of people breaking the law.

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