On Friday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with British comedian Russell Brand for his first interview since parting ways with Fox in April.

During the interview, the pair discussed Carlson’s exit from Fox, the 2024 presidential election outlook, and the current immigration crisis.

Brand inquired as to why Carlson was fired from Fox News, asking, “Do you think they sacked you ’cause of Jan 6? Do you think they sacked you ’cause you’re too anti-establishment? Too anti-war?”

“I honestly don’t know,” replied Carlson.

The former host then went on to discuss the war in Ukraine, saying, “I do think – as a general matter not even about me – the war in Ukraine is a red line for a lot of people in business and politics.”

“And you see it in our politics in the U.S. where the leaders of the Republican party and the Congress… are now supporting sending cluster bombs to Ukraine,” said Carlson. “Ukraine is losing the war, obviously… and Ukrainians are dying in huge numbers, and the country’s being destroyed.”

Carlson suggested that “the U.S. could force peace” but “they won’t” and will instead continue to “allow Ukrainians to be killed and that country to be devastated.”

“I know that if you criticize that, they really are intent on making you be quiet,” Carlson added.

Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong commented on this video, saying, “Tucker’s position on the Ukraine issue is probably the real reason Fox News fired him. We’ll never know for certain, but his nightly efforts to speak out against the warmongerers in DC and the endless supply of bodies for the meat grinder didn’t enamor him to the powers that be.”

Carlson and Brand also discussed the 2024 Republican presidential candidates.

Carlson praised former President Donald Trump for criticizing the US for its continued support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

“Trump is the only person… who is saying: ‘Wait a second. You know, why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?'” said Carlson. “All I can say at this point is I’m so grateful that he has that position. He’s right. And everyone in Washington is wrong, everyone.”

“Trump is right on that question… that war is reshaping the world. It’s reshaping the economy of the world. It’s reshaping populations,” continued Carlson. “Europe will never be the same after this war.”

The pair also touched on immigration and the crisis that is facing the nation right now as illegal aliens pour over the southern border.

Addressing the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, Carlson said, “I’m not against immigrants… But the way that the United States is doing immigration is designed to wreck the country and to make it unstable and to destroy any social cohesion whatsoever… and make people hate each other and add to racial division.”


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