Tucker Carlson has repeatedly delivered the best analysis of what’s REALLY happening with the Democrats. His honest commentary has earned him the #1 spot of all news shows. The American people are hungry for truth when it comes to their government, and Tucker never disappoints.

The video below is one of his best where he warns about the Harris/Biden plans for America:

“What is not fantasy is their plan to completely change our American form of government. That is very close to happening. Closer than a lot of Republicans want to admit & you should be worried about it.”

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A group of far-left Democrat activist groups and politicians recently revealed a new plan to push Biden far-left.

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According to Fox News, a group of progressives, including the freshman “Squad,” unveiled their new vision for America on Thursday that will serve as a rallying cry for the election and a roadmap on how to push Joe Biden leftward.

The Working Families Party “People’s Charter” calls for free public healthcare, universal childcare, creating millions of green jobs, canceling student debt, a $15 minimum wage and shifting money away from police departments and toward investments in schools and communities.”

The far-left is trying desperately to turn Joe Biden into Bernie Sanders by pushing the “People’s Charter” on all Americans using the coronavirus pandemic. Remember that Biden and other Democrats recently said the pandemic opens up a chance for America to transfrom. The evil is in celebrating that Democrats can gain an advantage politically using the tragedy of the pandemic.

“We’ve always said that electing Joe Biden was a doorway, not a destination.” – Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell.

The “People’s Charter” is heavy on socialist policies (see video below) that include the Green New Deal.

The leftist organizations and politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts plan on forcing Biden to adopt their far-left plan in return for their support in his election. The groups involved are well-known. Some are Soros-connected: The Movement for Black Lives, the SEIU union, MoveOn, United We Dream, and the Sunrise Movement, a radical climate activist group.

The bottom line is the “People’s Charter” is a major push to adopt socialism in America. President Trump is correct in his assessment of the Democrat’s agenda.

Our previous report on the Working Families Party includes a controversial appearance by Tom Perez in September of 2018 to speak to the group. Perez gave a hate-filled speech that was a preview for what’s happening in 2020. So much of what we predicted has come true:

Perez appeared at an event held by New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a re-branded ACORN agency, and gave a hateful and divisive speech. He claimed that “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”. Why the Democrats picked this far-left radical is puzzling unless the Democrats plan on going full commie…Perez is connected to the radical open borders group La Raza. Something tells us that Obama made this pick for the Democrats.

Perez has a long radical history connected to La Raza and other open borders organizations. His track record is full-on radical. He’s in cahoots with Obama to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America. Anyone who’s a Democrat should be shocked that he’s taking the party in such a far-left direction. He just fired all Democrat Party staffers and is bringing in all new people. The party is clearly taking a new direction and it’s not a good one for any American.


WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO: “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”


This is the “transformation” of America that Obama started. Get out and vote these leftists out of office.

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