Last night, Joe Biden delivered a primetime address to America in which he accused MAGA Republicans of being a threat to our democracy and our country as a whole. Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded to Biden’s insane speech as it was wrapping up in Philadelphia, saying that he has “crossed over into very a dangerous place.”

On his late-night talk show, Carlson called Biden’s speech “a complete outrage” and “totally immoral.” He kicked off his analysis of the speech by saying,

“We made fun of it at the top of the show because we really didn’t know how else to respond, but Joe Biden really has crossed over into a very dangerous – VERY dangerous – place.”

He also bashed Biden for his incredible hypocrisy as he accused MAGA Republicans of “threatening the rule of law.” Tucker reminded his viewers that Biden “encouraged riots in 2020” that burned down America’s cities – a much more violent string of incidents than anything the GOP has supported. Let’s not forget that the Democratic lawmakers also encouraged the intimidation of our Supreme Court Justices at their private homes.

“This is truly nuts, and threatening to the future of the United States. It’s hard to believe he just did that,” Carlson said.


Carlson warned of the looming danger now that Biden, along with the entire executive branch of the U.S. government, has declared MAGA Republicans to be a major threat to our country.

“For hundreds of years, the U.S. has had a political system comprised of two competing parties,” said Carlson. “If you were to declare one of those parties criminal and illegitimate, what would you be left with?”

“Well, you will be left with a one-party state,” Carlson continued, “and that is what Joe Biden is calling for tonight, a one-party state.”

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