In his opening monologue the day after the presidential debate, Tucker Carlson points out important differences between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Carlson’s alarming observations and subsequent warnings expose the fact that Democrats have moved far left, not…what most Americans want. He points out that Joe Biden’s tone was calm but what he said was radical. This is another tactic by Democrats to make the far-left policies seem acceptable.

Carlson also calls out Biden for stealing President Trump’s policy of buying American. The problem is that Biden’s track record says the opposite of buying American, so this empty promise will never happen. Biden’s record of shipping jobs overseas to China is in opposition to his current claim.

The entire monologue from Carlson is spot on and points out the evil that is behind a senile Biden:

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The relationship between Joe Biden and China is troubling:

Fox News host Steve Hilton gives details in the video below of why he believes Joe Biden should be disqualified from running for president.

He’s had 5 decades of influence peddling, but the most egregious move is the one he made with China.

The relationships with lobbyists are one thing, but connections with China are another more serious thing:

Biden’s son Hunter made nefarious deals with China, and Joe Biden has some answering to do about those deals:

In Dec. 2013, VP Joe Biden & son, Hunter Biden, arrived in China on Air Force Two. 10 days later, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, signed a $1 billion deal with the Bank of China, creating an investment fund backed by the Chinese government.

Hilton is correct in saying that Biden is compromised when it comes to China:

“Effectively countering China’s rise is the single most important strategic challenge for the next president. How can Joe Biden possibly do that when the Chinese government has been funding Biden family businesses?”


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