Tucker Carlson’s monologue on the “woke cult” and how they brainwash your children should be viewed by every parent who has a child in any school.

“If you’re going to control individuals if you’re going to transform free people into compliant robots, the first thing you must do is separate them from the ones who love them most.”

What better way to transform young impressionable children and teens?

To Carlson’s point, a recent article in liberal rag The Nation, “Covid-19 Is Straining the Concept of the Family. Let’s Break It,” calls for exactly what Tucker is warning about:

Our idea is to rethink presently existing family forms…As Sophie Silverstein clarifies in openDemocracy, “Thinking about organizing intimacy and care beyond the family is less about taking away safety and coziness than it is about extending those very same conditions to everyone regardless of how they live and love.” The goal is “a society where mutual nurturance and support are not dependent on a genetic lottery.”

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The left wants to “defund the police” and now “break” the family.


“We kneel before our victors because they have won. We put down our resistance. We beg for their mercy. But mobs rarely forgive. ‘We’re on your side,’ we shout. ‘We’re in solidarity. Spare us!’ But they never do.”

Is America being ripped apart by total lies— destroyed by cynical media manipulators and unscrupulous politicians who understand that racial strife is their path to power? You can decide what’s really going on.


This will never end unless America stands with President Trump to call for law and order.

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