Obama will be remembered for significantly weakening our national security. However, it’s not just the invasion of Islamic terrorists that Americans need to be concerned about. We are just starting to really see the effects of MS-13, the most violent and dangerous street gang in the world. Many of the members of the notorious worldwide gang flooded our cities and states as “unaccompanied minors”during Obama’s “open-borders for votes” surge, where they joined forces with other gang members already embedded in America.

The notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, known for slashing victims to death with knives and machetes, is reviving its brutal brand of violence to reassert its dominance in the Washington metropolitan area — with authorities linking at least eight homicides in Virginia and Maryland in 2016 to the gang.

The recent uptick in violence can be traced to a failed gang truce in El Salvador and, in part, to a surge of unaccompanied Central American children who entered the United States in 2015 to flee violence at home, according to gang analysts.

ma13 gang

There is concern over the degree to which MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, has exploited an immigration policy that over the past two years has allowed waves of migrant children to enter the United States.

In one of the eight recent killings with MS-13 ties, three young men were charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old in Loudoun County, Virginia. They were identified as having entered the United States illegally in 2013 as unaccompanied children who later skipped immigration hearings.-Washington Times

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Watch Tucker Carlson tell viewers that MS-13 is a far greater threat than ISIS:

The police commissioner on Long Island’s Suffolk County declared war on the MS-13 gang Thursday after the discovery of four mutilated bodies in a Central Islip park

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The slayings are “a stark reminder that we are in the midst of a war,” Timothy Sini said, standing across the street from where the bodies of four young men were found Wednesday night. “We’re going to continue that war.”

MS-13, already blamed for six Long Island slayings, emerged as the prime suspects because of the brutality of the executions.

Wednesday’s discovery came six weeks after 13 alleged MS-13 gang members were indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for murders.

MS-13 was founded in Los Angeles by immigrants seeking safe haven from a civil war in their native El Salvador during the 1980s.

“This is a long-term war,” Sini said. “And make no mistake about it, it’s a war.” –UPI

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