TV (and NIH) doctor, Anthony Fauci, tried to attack Tucker Carlson as a crazy ‘conspiracy theorist’ one Wednesday on Globalist-Mouthpiece CNN.

It didn’t go so well since Tucker responded later that same night, quickly defeating Fauci’s argument with logic and reason regarding Fauci’s Wuhan CCP Virus response for America.

When explaining why he questions the governmental response to the CCP Virus, Tucker shot back that “the people in charge are acting like it doesn’t work.”

“If this stuff works, why can’t you live like it works? What are you really telling us here?” Said Carlson

“For months now, we have been asking a very straightforward question about the coronavirus vaccine.”

‘Why do people who take it…[or] who have been previously infected and show high levels of antibodies have to live under the restrictions that the vaccines were supposed to eliminate?’

Watch Tucker fire back at Fauci, below:

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