Tucker Carlson has been on fire during the past two weeks with powerful commentary about the anarchists and their attempt to transform America. Seattle is a hot spot for anarchy. Anarchists have taken over seven blocks in the city and have kicked out the police.

Carlson mocked the situation in Seattle with a parody tourism commercial showing the great things about CHAZ:

Tucker has hit it out of the park tonight!

Welcome to CHAZ!

Absolutely the best thing on Twitter today!

Leave it to Tucker Carlson to use parody to get to the heart of the absurdity of the protests and anarchy.

Senator Ted Cruz also mocked the anarchists:

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out a video from South Park depicting anarchists who are excited about their new way of life when comments back to them express the reality that they’re just doing the same thing that’s already in place.

“One guy who bakes bread and another guy who looks out for other people’s safety?”…”You mean like a  baker and a cop?”

Senator Cruz mocked the anarchists with this perfect video:

“Secret undercover video taken from inside the CHAZ Autonomous Zone.”

The irony of this is a reality now with videos like the one below:

They called the fire department about a dumpster fire…

A “Peace” officer protects the police from the mob then gets into an argument about whether cops are ok or not. Isn’t this entire thing about “police brutality”?

A mob wanted to take a guy down but found out later he didn’t steal a phone…


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