Tucker Carlson just opened up a can of whoop-ass on Biden’s sham “infrastructure” bill that is really all about social engineering. The hot topic of the days that has everyone up in arms is that only 5% of the $2 trillion bill goes to infrastructure! Yes, this is another boondoggle payout.

Carlson uses sarcasm brilliantly to call out the phony Democrats and an even phonier Joe Biden, who delivered another teleprompter speech on Thursday afternoon, telling everyone how life-changing this “infrastructure” bill will be.

It really got good when Tucker discussed Biden’s history of dodging his own taxes while he plans on raising our taxes:

The truth is that this is about socialism and throwing money at chosen groups to end “inequality”…

It’s also about the sham Green New Deal…another multi-billion dollar boondoggle.

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Tucker is the best at using facts mixed with a huge dose of sarcasm to get his point across.


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